Orion’s Legacy Claims The Guilded Hollow

Great news, everyone! Last night we successfully ousted the Mordrem and staked our claim over the Gilded Hollow Guild Hall!

A special thanks to our fearless guild leader Azureal, and members Corelai, Richard, SimplyLadyLike, Fäustyn, Ceste, Skulking, Nazarius & SharpShadow for lending their blades and risking their lives to secure our new home.

In the coming weeks we will be working toward Guild upgrades including a Tavern and Mine. We will need resources if you are able and willing to contribute, just check in with the Guild Treasurer at the Gilded Hollow to donate directly. And to see what we need, just take a peek at our list.

In the meantime, explore, enjoy and bask in the brilliance that is our new Guild Hall. We are here and safe from the Mordrem from this day forward!

Required Materials For The Tavern
250 Elder Wood Plank
250 Mithril Ingot
50 Bottle of Elonian Wine
10 Empty keg
50 Glass Mug
20 Obsidian Shard
25 Bolt of Silk
100 Cured Thick Leather Squad
10 Bolt of Gossamer
10 Cured Hardened Leather Square
Total Needed for Empty Kegs
100 Elderwood Planks
100 Mithril Ingots
600 Piles of Flax Seed
150 Milling Stones
30 Milling Basin
Total Needed for Glass Mugs
450 Piles of Coarse Sand (308 Still Needed)
200 Thermocatalytic Reagent
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