United Strong
We started as a small group of friends with common games among us. As we played we made new friends and strong bonds. We have learned about each other and our styles and we are always thrilled when new people join in our fun.

Just Have Fun
We keep things very relaxed when it comes to games and play styles. Whether you are casual or hardcore, a veteran or new, we are happy to have you. If you're looking for people to play with, to have a good time, and the freedom to play your game the way you want, we are here for you.



Come join us on voice! You don't need to install anything, just click connect and say hello!


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Guild Wars 2

And many, many, more.


Do you like gaming with a community?
We're a friendly, roleplay encouraged, cross-game guild
& we want to take you on an adventure.

Become part of an eager group of gamers & play with us among the stars.