We Dug Down and Persevered

I knew we had a strong guild since the beginning, each member has proven their worth time and time again, but these last few nights were truly a great sight to see! After the celebrations at the tavern, we discussed our next steps, and everyone was ready to buckle down and donate to further our hall. After donating my own material, I stood back in awe as each member flooded in with everything they could carry. I’d like to thank Richard, Skulking, Coralei, Fäustyn, Khaleesi, Jeffen and Deth Angel for their generous donations towards our upgrades. They came so fast and determined it was hard for me to keep up with the tally chart. Although there was still a lot to go, we had enough resources to prep to uncover another area in our hall.

However, for us to progress as a guild we had to come face to face with an unknown enemy. When I gave the call-to-arms the results were outstanding. Richard, Coralei, Ceste, Khaleesi, and Deth Angel came from the mists, ready to stand shoulder to shoulder.

We gathered our first assault group as others prepared for a second wave of attacks. As we pressed the enemy they pressed back just as hard. Our tactics were good, although we lost the first fight, but we rallied again to push forward. The resulting clash of steel and magic in the second assault could only be thought of as mesmerizing. As our members moved as one we were able to secure our hold on the area. Once we had the upper hand we grouped together and pressed the enemy until victory was ours. Cheers rang out among our soldiers as this victory was more than just one battle, but a victory for our guild and it’s hall as well.

As we gathered up our men and our resulting rewards we headed back to the hall; celebrations were to be had at the tavern. We met with a very renowned prospector, gave him his pay and provisions, and as we sat down for a drink, he set off to find us anything good from this great hall of ours. We heard back from him a short while later and he found a rich vein of Aetherium so he set up a mine shaft for us and the tools we need to start harvesting. It wasn’t soon after that we got right back to work, gathering materials and prepping for our next great adventure.

I can’t wait to see what next great adventure awaits us!

Azureal Steelheart

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  1. PvP was so much fun! I can’t believe I went this long without ever trying it. I’m excited to do more. 🙂

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