Raise a Glass in Celebration

Members of Orion’s Legacy, it is time for a celebration! We worked valiantly to gather the materials we needed to get our very own tavern! First round of drinks is on me!

Every one of you has helped us grow as a Guild, but I would like to personally thank Corelai, Richard, Fäustyn, Skulking, Hurdurp, Khaleesi, Jeffen and Deth Angel for their generous contributions towards this new building of ours.

The Tavern is just the first stepping stone in our path to the great Guild Hall we want, and more so deserve. We have set our eyes on getting an Aetherium mine next. Like the Tavern we will need more resources, and will graciously accept any and all contributions. If you want to help but don’t know what we need you can talk to the Treasurer or any of the council members. You can also look at our acquisition list for up-to-date details.

I hope to enjoy a drink with each and every one of you. And thank you once again for all your hard work. Keep it up!

Azureal Steelheart

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