Celebrating Halloween In Tyria

The Mad King has returned to Tyria! While the day to conquer the Guilded Hallow quickly approaches, Guildies have been spending time celebrating one of the best times in Tyria- Halloween!

Mad King Says
The Mad King materializes in the center of Lion’s Arch every two hours (on the even hour) to play a round of Mad King Says. Be sure to preform every action he commands, but only after saying, “Mad King Says”. Successfully beating the King at his twisted game grants you three Mad King key fragments, which you can combine to create a key that unlocks his Mad chest. Inside you’ll find a glob of ectoplasm and 5 trick-or-treat bags!

Mad King’s Labyrinth
Enter the green doors at your own risk, inside is a labyrinth of horrors you must battle your way around. Newer players will find it’s an excellent place to get familiar with battle, and fairly quickly. (AKA, It’s a great way to get experience for new characters or alts. Put your EXP boosters on (one birthday/celebration, and one regular), eat some food, and away you go!)

Turn In Your Candy Corn
Don’t forget to stop by the candy corn vendors in Lion’s Arch where you can trade your candy corn for Halloween costumes, minis, or Halloween themed recipes!

The Mad King’s Clock Tower
Jumping Puzzle lovers, be ware! The Mad King’s Clock Tower is no easy feat, but making your way to the top grants you a crack at the King’s grand chest, and inside it this year is a Mad King overcoat.

Ascent to Madness
Grab four guildies and enter the red door: inside lies the Mad King! Be wary of the scarecrows and the Mad King’s fear inducing presence, if you aren’t careful you’ll run in terror right off a cliff!

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