October 22, 2015 Pumpkinberry

Guild Upgrades Complete

Orion’s Legacy Guild has officially completed all the transferrable Guild upgrades, just in the nick of time! When the GW2 team announced that influence would no longer be in the GW2 universe with the launch of Heart of Thorns, we had some tough choices to make. Although they were highly requested, we chose not to put influence into skills such as Guild Rush & Guild Bounties because they will be automatically unlocked to all guilds for free starting tomorrow. Instead we chose to focus all our influence on purchasing upgrades that would roll over and provide bonuses for completion when the expansion launched, thus making the most out of everyone’s hard earned influence.

“We also want to celebrate your progress through the disciplines. It takes a lot of time and effort to unlock research levels, and if your guild managed to research all 24, that is seriously impressive! When Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns goes live your guild will receive an exclusive guild hall decoration to commemorate your progress through the disciplines.” – GW2 Staff

With merely hours before the Heart of Thorns release, we finished the last of the 24 upgrades with 6 hours to spare. We have 4052 influence (as of writing this post) which will be be able to start converting into Favor or using to purchase boosts in aetherium production tomorrow when everything rolls over. For more details on the crazy awesome changes happening to the structure of Guilds in the HoT release, head here.

And with that, we want to take some time to thank all the Orion’s Legacy members, because without you this wouldn’t have been possible.

Donation of Influence
Skulking: 101,000
Fäustyn: 800 + 110g (55k total influence)
Azureal: 30,000 + 50gold (55k total influence)
Coralei: 40,800
Nazarius: 30,000
Khalessi Nixx: 1200 + 50gold (26,200 total influence)
Kezz: 16,000
Finnian: 12,400
DrStrange: 2100
VTArxelus: 1000
Cldmani: 1000
Viper717: 600
Aurelia: 400
SharpShadow: 400
Sully: 400
Paynegiver: 300
sacrossanct: 100

Thanks to all guildies we earned over 55,000 influence by simply playing together and having fun.

You have all shown an impressive amount of team work, whether by helping your fellow guild members complete their personal story quests, completing the world maps, dungeons, or even offering armour and weapons to those who might need it. Thank you for your part in this legacy.

And if you’re interest, you can see a list of Orion’s Legacy current completed upgrades.

Architecture Level 1-6
Art of War Level 1-6
Economy 1-6
Politics 1-6
Guild Treasure Trove
Guild Stash
Deep Cave
Guild Armorer Contract
Guild Emblem Template
Guild Weapons Contract
Guild Workshop


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