We Dug Down and Persevered

I knew we had a strong guild since the beginning, each member has proven their worth time and time again, but these last few nights were truly a great sight to see! After the celebrations at the tavern, we discussed our next steps, and everyone was ready to buckle down and donate to further our hall. After donating my own material, I stood back in awe as each member flooded in with everything they could carry. I’d like to thank Richard, Skulking, Coralei, Fäustyn, Khaleesi, Jeffen and Deth Angel for their generous donations towards our upgrades. They came so fast and determined it was hard for me to keep up with the tally chart. Although there was still a lot to go, we had enough resources to prep to uncover another area in our hall.

However, for us to progress as a guild we had to come face to face with an unknown enemy. When I gave the call-to-arms the results were outstanding. Richard, Coralei, Ceste, Khaleesi, and Deth Angel came from the mists, ready to stand shoulder to shoulder.

We gathered our first assault group as others prepared for a second wave of attacks. As we pressed the enemy they pressed back just as hard. Our tactics were good, although we lost the first fight, but we rallied again to push forward. The resulting clash of steel and magic in the second assault could only be thought of as mesmerizing. As our members moved as one we were able to secure our hold on the area. Once we had the upper hand we grouped together and pressed the enemy until victory was ours. Cheers rang out among our soldiers as this victory was more than just one battle, but a victory for our guild and it’s hall as well.

As we gathered up our men and our resulting rewards we headed back to the hall; celebrations were to be had at the tavern. We met with a very renowned prospector, gave him his pay and provisions, and as we sat down for a drink, he set off to find us anything good from this great hall of ours. We heard back from him a short while later and he found a rich vein of Aetherium so he set up a mine shaft for us and the tools we need to start harvesting. It wasn’t soon after that we got right back to work, gathering materials and prepping for our next great adventure.

I can’t wait to see what next great adventure awaits us!

Azureal Steelheart

When A Small Dance Becomes A Two Hour Party In Lion’s Arch

Remember when the ORLY crew met up in Lion’s Arch about a month before HoT hit and we had a two hour bash in Lion’s Arch? Yeah, turns out I was recording the entire time. So here’s to that time when a small dance turned into a 2 hour long party in Lion’s Arch and devolved into summoning the Mad King, a Box of Fun, Costume Brawls, and a random lute player jamming out “Thriller”.

We can’t wait to host more of these.

Song: Alphabeat DJ Madeon Remix

Raise a Glass in Celebration

Members of Orion’s Legacy, it is time for a celebration! We worked valiantly to gather the materials we needed to get our very own tavern! First round of drinks is on me!

Every one of you has helped us grow as a Guild, but I would like to personally thank Corelai, Richard, Fäustyn, Skulking, Hurdurp, Khaleesi, Jeffen and Deth Angel for their generous contributions towards this new building of ours.

The Tavern is just the first stepping stone in our path to the great Guild Hall we want, and more so deserve. We have set our eyes on getting an Aetherium mine next. Like the Tavern we will need more resources, and will graciously accept any and all contributions. If you want to help but don’t know what we need you can talk to the Treasurer or any of the council members. You can also look at our acquisition list for up-to-date details.

I hope to enjoy a drink with each and every one of you. And thank you once again for all your hard work. Keep it up!

Azureal Steelheart

Orion’s Legacy Claims The Guilded Hollow

Great news, everyone! Last night we successfully ousted the Mordrem and staked our claim over the Gilded Hollow Guild Hall!

A special thanks to our fearless guild leader Azureal, and members Corelai, Richard, SimplyLadyLike, Fäustyn, Ceste, Skulking, Nazarius & SharpShadow for lending their blades and risking their lives to secure our new home.

In the coming weeks we will be working toward Guild upgrades including a Tavern and Mine. We will need resources if you are able and willing to contribute, just check in with the Guild Treasurer at the Gilded Hollow to donate directly. And to see what we need, just take a peek at our list.

In the meantime, explore, enjoy and bask in the brilliance that is our new Guild Hall. We are here and safe from the Mordrem from this day forward!

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Celebrating Halloween In Tyria

The Mad King has returned to Tyria! While the day to conquer the Guilded Hallow quickly approaches, Guildies have been spending time celebrating one of the best times in Tyria- Halloween!

Mad King Says
The Mad King materializes in the center of Lion’s Arch every two hours (on the even hour) to play a round of Mad King Says. Be sure to preform every action he commands, but only after saying, “Mad King Says”. Successfully beating the King at his twisted game grants you three Mad King key fragments, which you can combine to create a key that unlocks his Mad chest. Inside you’ll find a glob of ectoplasm and 5 trick-or-treat bags!

Mad King’s Labyrinth
Enter the green doors at your own risk, inside is a labyrinth of horrors you must battle your way around. Newer players will find it’s an excellent place to get familiar with battle, and fairly quickly. (AKA, It’s a great way to get experience for new characters or alts. Put your EXP boosters on (one birthday/celebration, and one regular), eat some food, and away you go!)

Turn In Your Candy Corn
Don’t forget to stop by the candy corn vendors in Lion’s Arch where you can trade your candy corn for Halloween costumes, minis, or Halloween themed recipes!

The Mad King’s Clock Tower
Jumping Puzzle lovers, be ware! The Mad King’s Clock Tower is no easy feat, but making your way to the top grants you a crack at the King’s grand chest, and inside it this year is a Mad King overcoat.

Ascent to Madness
Grab four guildies and enter the red door: inside lies the Mad King! Be wary of the scarecrows and the Mad King’s fear inducing presence, if you aren’t careful you’ll run in terror right off a cliff!

Laying Claim to the Gilded Hollow


Guildies, new and old! This is a call to arms, we must mobilize! Rally the troops! The time has come to venture deep into the heart of Maguuma Jungle and claim a new, unsullied piece of this region to call our own. The path will be treacherous, and the Mordrem are a fearless, resilient race. Our very lives will hang in the balance but if you should fall know that we will carry the honorable memory of your sacrifice with us.

We have our eyes set on the prize: The Guilded Hollow. Set at the very heart of the Maguuma Jungle, lined in paths of gold, with brilliant pools of crystal clear water. This will serve as our base, our training ground, with a tavern, a mine and so many other potential upgrades we will have a new home in this strange continent.

Our goal is to storm the keep before the end of the month.

Oct 27th at 7pm EST
Oct 28th at 8pm EST
and, if we still need time Oct 29th 7:30pm EST

Please let us know the date that would work best for you and your schedule so we can make this raid with as many guild members together as we can! If you have an alternative time in mind, feel free to suggest it, though keep in mind we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Until then, my friends, Adventure On!

Guild Upgrades Complete

Orion’s Legacy Guild has officially completed all the transferrable Guild upgrades, just in the nick of time! When the GW2 team announced that influence would no longer be in the GW2 universe with the launch of Heart of Thorns, we had some tough choices to make. Although they were highly requested, we chose not to put influence into skills such as Guild Rush & Guild Bounties because they will be automatically unlocked to all guilds for free starting tomorrow. Instead we chose to focus all our influence on purchasing upgrades that would roll over and provide bonuses for completion when the expansion launched, thus making the most out of everyone’s hard earned influence.

“We also want to celebrate your progress through the disciplines. It takes a lot of time and effort to unlock research levels, and if your guild managed to research all 24, that is seriously impressive! When Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns goes live your guild will receive an exclusive guild hall decoration to commemorate your progress through the disciplines.” – GW2 Staff

With merely hours before the Heart of Thorns release, we finished the last of the 24 upgrades with 6 hours to spare. We have 4052 influence (as of writing this post) which will be be able to start converting into Favor or using to purchase boosts in aetherium production tomorrow when everything rolls over. For more details on the crazy awesome changes happening to the structure of Guilds in the HoT release, head here.

And with that, we want to take some time to thank all the Orion’s Legacy members, because without you this wouldn’t have been possible.

Donation of Influence
Skulking: 101,000
Fäustyn: 800 + 110g (55k total influence)
Azureal: 30,000 + 50gold (55k total influence)
Coralei: 40,800
Nazarius: 30,000
Khalessi Nixx: 1200 + 50gold (26,200 total influence)
Kezz: 16,000
Finnian: 12,400
DrStrange: 2100
VTArxelus: 1000
Cldmani: 1000
Viper717: 600
Aurelia: 400
SharpShadow: 400
Sully: 400
Paynegiver: 300
sacrossanct: 100

Thanks to all guildies we earned over 55,000 influence by simply playing together and having fun.

You have all shown an impressive amount of team work, whether by helping your fellow guild members complete their personal story quests, completing the world maps, dungeons, or even offering armour and weapons to those who might need it. Thank you for your part in this legacy.

And if you’re interest, you can see a list of Orion’s Legacy current completed upgrades.

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