Voice Chat With Discord

Hey Guildies,
We’ve been testing out Discord for the last week or so (thank you to everyone who has been testing it out with us) and have decided to make an official switch from Mumble to using Discord.


  • Discord is free!
  • You don’t need to download a client. This is important for Orion’s Legacy and our potential growth. Core players can still download the client but it also allows us the flexibility to interact with players we meet randomly in game, or players we interact with briefly for dungeon runs or expeditions.
  • Designed for use while gaming, Discord has minimal impact on performance. It’s been fantastic. Seriously.
  • Discord allows us to have text only channels, so we’ve already made one for RP purposes, allowing us to get rid of our IRC and streamline chat, voice, & RP all in one place. Hopefully this will encourage more activity.
  • Full support for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. We can take it mobile!
  • While it’s only in Alpha, this is actually a good sign for us, because it means only good things are coming.
  • Discord is made by gamers for gamers.
  • We have the ability to share what games we are playing as status messages like in Steam.
  • @ mention users is available, and it notifies them of your mention.
  • We also have the ability to adjust individual user’s volumes (like in TS, but we lost that feature in the move to Mumble).

And finally… it sure is purdy. If you’re not convinced, give it a try!

Here is your exclusive Orion’s Legacy Discord invite:  https://discord.gg/0aFwHRed2INecES4

Though it’s not necessary, if you’d like to download the application, you can do so here.

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