Orion’s Legacy Claims The Guilded Hollow

Great news, everyone! Last night we successfully ousted the Mordrem and staked our claim over the Gilded Hollow Guild Hall!

A special thanks to our fearless guild leader Azureal, and members Corelai, Richard, SimplyLadyLike, Fäustyn, Ceste, Skulking, Nazarius & SharpShadow for lending their blades and risking their lives to secure our new home.

In the coming weeks we will be working toward Guild upgrades including a Tavern and Mine. We will need resources if you are able and willing to contribute, just check in with the Guild Treasurer at the Gilded Hollow to donate directly. And to see what we need, just take a peek at our list.

In the meantime, explore, enjoy and bask in the brilliance that is our new Guild Hall. We are here and safe from the Mordrem from this day forward!

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Laying Claim to the Gilded Hollow


Guildies, new and old! This is a call to arms, we must mobilize! Rally the troops! The time has come to venture deep into the heart of Maguuma Jungle and claim a new, unsullied piece of this region to call our own. The path will be treacherous, and the Mordrem are a fearless, resilient race. Our very lives will hang in the balance but if you should fall know that we will carry the honorable memory of your sacrifice with us.

We have our eyes set on the prize: The Guilded Hollow. Set at the very heart of the Maguuma Jungle, lined in paths of gold, with brilliant pools of crystal clear water. This will serve as our base, our training ground, with a tavern, a mine and so many other potential upgrades we will have a new home in this strange continent.

Our goal is to storm the keep before the end of the month.

Oct 27th at 7pm EST
Oct 28th at 8pm EST
and, if we still need time Oct 29th 7:30pm EST

Please let us know the date that would work best for you and your schedule so we can make this raid with as many guild members together as we can! If you have an alternative time in mind, feel free to suggest it, though keep in mind we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Until then, my friends, Adventure On!

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